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Care of Remains

It is required that everyone on staff at Riewerts Memorial Home strictly adhere to the “Universal Precautions” rule when handling all human remains under our care. All remains are uniformly handled regardless of the cause of death or the type of memorialization and funeral service selected.

The embalming procedure will be required with all services that include an open casket viewing. If the casket is closed during viewing, at least basic sanitary care is required. Sanitary care and disinfection will be provided in any case coming under our care when a service is selected that does not legally require embalming. The extent of that care will be appropriate to the situation.

“No human remains may remain unburied or uncremated in New Jersey for more than 48 hours unless embalmed or refrigerated (N.J.A.C.8.-9-1.1)”.

Most of the families we serve select funerals with open casket viewing that include embalming and preparation. For families who do not select embalming, our charges include sanitary care and disinfection.

 Questions you may have...

What is embalming?

Embalming is the replacing of the fluids in the deceased with chemicals for disinfection and temporary preservation.

What is the purpose of embalming?

The temporary preservation is to permit the body to be present for the period of the funeral, including the visitation and funeral service.

Should the body be present and viewed?

For many people having the body viewed is important. It is an opportunity to reminisce and work toward the acceptance of the death. Preparation, restoration and the use of cosmetics are performed to provide a more natural appearance to the deceased.

But they seldom really look as they did alive?

Because of a prolonged illness that may be true. Remember that you may not have seen the person since their illness has physically changed their appearance. Also we do not want the deceased to look as though they are “sleeping” they have died and we attempt to give the family a better final memory as they begin their grief journey.

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